Back from shopping...and the journey began - Baserbillion My Art Career Journey

Back from shopping...and the journey began - Baserbillion My Art Career Journey

I've drawn and made marks for as long as i can remember.. As a small child i would see faces in the pattern of curtains and chipboard wallpaper (we all had that wallpaper, so don't try it!), which i believe was the beginning of my fascination with visual art.

Growing up in the eighties, visual art was not seen as a viable career, everyone from teachers to family told me to give it up and do something sensible, where you can earn steady money.. so i did, and became an accountant, Lol! I know I could not have chosen a more juxtapose career, but hey ho! 

Whilst it provided a good solid income and security for my young family and I, it never left me fulfilled. I have always known that my talent is in my hands, always knew i would pursue Art at some point, and that once i tried, the Universe will 'kick the hinges off the door for me, opening opportunities (which it since has in abundance.. stay tuned for details! # thankful),  but i allowed others and that good ol' thought process 'it'll never work', to talk myself out of even trying. 

And so it was, until my wife, kids and I returned from the local shopping center at around 6pm and i had a thought.. 'I wonder if I can still draw?'. So i took out my A3 sketch pad and sketched out the face of an Central African chief ('Spectrum of light' as displayed). The pen just flowed. It was effortless and scary at the same time, because as an artist you can never be 100% sure that your eye is a good as you think it is, because its your eye! My wife loved it and insisted I post it Facebook and i did... The response was overwhelming, with the post being liked, reacted and shared into the hundreds. I would have been ecstatic at ten! 

The love and support that has come from people who enjoy my Art has been humbling, gratifying, exciting, fun and fabulous along this journey and has given me the confidence to put my work out there no-matter-what and extend the boundaries of my Artistic abilities and expression.

My name is Damian, my pen name 'Baserbillion', I'm 38 and live in South London. I hope you enjoy this blog as you come along with me on my journey to explore artistic technique AS WELL AS, the trials and tribulations of making my way through the Art World which can seem like a bit of a maze... Hope you enjoy! :) 


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