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My purpose is to deliver Art that is unrestricted by any standard, in my view Art at its purest form is free and completely at the will of the Artist. This is fundamental to my craft and is apparent in the method of my technique. I like to take the term loose to new levels, yet combine with respect for the subject. The perfect marriage of these two concepts is the constant goal. 

I deliver YouTube tutorials on my channel (link button on home page) bringing the freshest, most compelling urban inspired Art to people who may not have had obvious and immediate access to it.

My core values are to supply  Art lovers with the freshest new works of Art, focusing on Ball-point pen portraiture, atypical subjects in positions of power, humorous role reversals, satire, abstract and social observation, to elevate your home or work space, with a quality piece of artwork to brighten up those Blank Walls!

Your home is too important to have generic, stale, ultra-common Art... Elevate your home with one or more Baserbillion Art works!


Tel: 07805 572296